What is Cashflow Wizard?

Cashflow Wizard 3 is an Excel-based software package, designed for SMEs, that delivers robust financial forecasts and editable professional reports that will help you plan and communicate future business strategy.

Cashflow Wizard models are used by over 10,000 companies across the World in a variety of different ways.

They are used for cashflow forecasting, merger and acquisition analysis, Scenario Planning, Investment Appraisal and of course Board or Investor presentations.

Save time & money

It takes only a few minutes to specify and download one of our pre-built models to suit your needs. Our models cost less than an hour of your time and could save you days of work. No training is needed as they are built using Excel. No expensive maintenance contracts - in fact, email support is free!

Improve efficiency by eliminating errors

Our models have over 20,000 built-in checksums to give you confidence in the underlying calculations; concentrate on the figures rather than the formulas and save hours of time checking.

Professional Results

Our models have built-in professional reports, ready to print and use, for your board, bank or investors.

Maintain Flexibility

Why get tied into an inflexible solution? Our models are built using Excel allowing you to edit & add value to them with your own worksheets, and by linking to your other models quickly and easily.

Who is Cashflow Wizard used by?

Owner managers
To give valuable insight into future profit and cash requirements.
Accountants in business
or forecasting and control.
Accountants in practice
Value added client service.
Corporate financiers
Use it as a rugged core around which to build more complex financial models.
Non-financial managers
Easy to use & understand.
Senior management
Review and analysis, charts and ratios

What Others Say

"The quality of the forecasts helps me sleep better at night."
Chris Bulatis, MD, Ever So Sensible Bars
"Cashflow Wizard keeps me in business. It allows me to accurately forecast and fully understand what it means to my cashflow if my customers pay me in 30 days, 60 days etc. It helps me to easily review how fast I can pay suppliers, and what to do about changes in costs."
Charles Haynes, Managing Director, Marketing Punch
"Easy to use, insightful, visual."
David Price, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
“I am still amazed that such an intuitive, fast tool can produce such complex and robust models and present them so well. The graphs, charts and just the overall quality of the presentation really helps my clients to get their proposition across. It really is an innovative and affordable service that brings enterprise-level forecasting to SMEs and it stops me from having to reinvent the wheel every time I need a new model."
Nigel Harris, Burton Sweet, Accountants
"Strategic decisions with quality at a fraction of the cost."
Paul Oliver, BT plc

All demo models are free to download